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Leaven Leadership Letters

By Dr Anita Devi

Leaven is any agent used to make dough rise. In this year long series of letters, Anita explores how you enable others to rise through your leadership. It’s all about re-imagining possibilities.

  • FIND out who you are

    It all starts with knowing we are and being open to further growth and transformation

  • Figure out how to be the best version of you

    Re-frame your thinking to maximise your output

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SEND Leadership Pipeline

In 2017, Anita was awarded an international award at Cambridge for her vision and work around the SEND Leadership Pipeline from initial teacher training to local area leads. This is a summary of the journey. Click each icon to find out more.

In 2023 TeamADL was awarded the National MAT Award for #GiveBack

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Anita is intentional and she writes with purpose. Below are just a selection of her contributions.


Working with different stakeholders and different levels of the system has given me a perspective of different elements.

Challenging Perceptions

Often it's about providing a different and systems lens on different aspects.


Anita created the first SEND Leader Planner focusing on strategic leadership and how this interfaces with operational tasks and legislation.